YMCA Calgary Annual Report 2018


Testimonial by Shannon Doram
“YMCA Calgary - at our new size and scale - is honoured to be responding to the needs of Calgarians right in their neighbourhoods all around the city. ”
Shannon Doram
President and CEO, YMCA Calgary
Connecting to YMCA Calgary’s 3-year impact plan, the YMCA Calgary annual report emphasizes that our measure of success is not just about size and scale – it’s about small and powerful moments that we catalyze in community.

In this digital report, you’ll learn more about our work in communities by featuring three YMCA community members. These individuals embody the values of our 4 pillars outlined in our Ascent Plan, enabling lifelong healthy living, advancing positive child, youth & family development, cultivating social & emotional well-being, and the last pillar – fostering community-building is embodied through people like you, sharing the message of the YMCA.
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