YMCA Calgary is committed to meeting community need.

Here is what people in our community are saying:

YMCA memberCamp Chief Hector YMCA ParticipantYMCA child care parentYMCA Achievement Program participant (YMAP)YMCA Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada participant  (LINC)YMCA memberCamp Chief Hector YMCA parent
“[YMCA] allows me to not be self-conscious in workouts. It’s a very welcoming place!”
YMCA member
“I feel proud of myself... I am lucky to go here and I know YMCA supports us to go again. Thank you YMCA.”
Camp Chief Hector YMCA Participant
"Incredibly responsive to our unique needs and to our child's individuality."
YMCA child care parent
"YMAP has positively impacted my life by giving me all the support I needed... such as friendship, belonging and respect."
YMCA Achievement Program participant (YMAP)
"I am very happy and very proud because I learned many things about Canada and Canadians. I can spend my life happily."
YMCA Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada participant (LINC)
"Team YMCA, you enrich my life more than you know."
YMCA member
“She comes home exhausted, but glowing. Learning more about herself and how amazing she can be.”
Camp Chief Hector YMCA parent